Ballet Grades Pre Primary - Grade 2 Childrens RAD Style Short Sleeve Ballet Leotard

Pink short sleeve cotton lycra RAD style childrens leotard for Ballet from A Dancers World Northampton

Product Code: 8857015724160
Brand: Bloch
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RAD style cotton lycra short sleeve ballet leotard for children.  This is a fantastic quality ballet leotard at a great price and can be worn as an alternative to the Freed RAD approved ballet leotard.

Available in childrens sizes in pink cotton lycra.
Bloch BU201C

To get in touch with Mayhew School of Dancing to enquire about their current classes please go to their website

*Please note that this is not the Freed RAD approved ballet leotard if you wish to purchase the approved leotard from Freed please check out our website listing 'Chloe'.*

Purchase this product from our online store and receive a special 10% discount off of the recommended retail prices.

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