Bloch Vantage Leather S0608L Toe Shoe

Product Code: 8857015500757
Brand: Bloch
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The Bloch Vantage Leather S0608L is the perfect shoe for use in contemporary dance and gymnastics. This shoe is designed to protect the toes and ball of the foot.

- Soft supple leather protects toes and ball of foot from abrasion.  - Silicon backed elastic grips the foot preventing the strap from slipping.  - Cotton terry lining for comfort.

In respect of our BLOCH products this is a guideline only. Due to the nature of their design and purpose, ballet shoes should fit comfortably snug.
With the exception of wider feet we recommend ordering them 1 size bigger than your regular shoe size.
The stretch canvas and silicon lined elastic help to give this shoe a perfectly fitted and secure fit.
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