Capezio DS19 Web Dance Trainer in Black Patent

Capezio DS19 Web Dance Trainer in Black Patent
Capezio DS19 Web Trainer
The Capezio DS19 web trainers are a great unisex shoe used for all types of dance practice.  
Lightweight, breathable tech-mesh upper with synthetic leather trim with an innovative web design contrasting colour tape
Flat, boxed toe for toe stands and split sole design for flexibility and foot articulation
PU outsole with built-in patented flex points and forepart spin spot
Padded tongue, collar, and Achilles notch
 Standard lacing system includes poly/cotton laces and heel pull tab
 Contoured, cushioned, removable EVA footbed
If you have previously purchased these shoes before - please see the size conversion below. They are a small fitting shoe, we would recommend ordering bigger than your UK shoe size. 
UK Shoe Size Capezio Shoe Size
Child Size 11 Capezio Size 11.5
Child Size 11.5 Capezio Size 12
Child Size 12 Capezio Size 12.5
Child Size 12.5 Capezio Size 13
Child Size 13 Capezio Size 13.5
Child Size 13.5 Capezio Size 1
Child Size 1 Capezio Size 1.5
Child Size 1.5 Capezio Size 2
Adult Size 2 Capezio Size 2.5
Adult Size 2.5 Capezio Size 4
Adult Size 3 Capezio Size 4.5
Adult Size 3.5 Capezio Size 5
Adult Size 4 Capezio Size 5.5
Adult Size 4.5 Capezio Size 6
Adult Size 5 Capezio Size 6.5
Adult Size 5.5 Capezio Size 7
Adult Size 6 Capezio Size 7.5
Adult Size 6.5 Capezio Size 8
Adult Size 7 Capezio Size 8.5
Adult Size 7.5 Capezio Size 9
Adult Size 8 Capezio Size 9.5
Adult Size 8.5 Capezio Size 10

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Brand: Capezio
Product Code: DS19