Freed Demi Pointe Shoes

Freed Demi Pointe Shoes
The Freed SSBD Classic Demi Pointe Shoe is the perfect transition from soft ballet shoes to Pointe Shoes.
- Hand lasted by Freed of London Pointe Shoe Makers
- Constructed entirely from natural and biodegradable components in the traditional method
- Deep vamp cut round, - Light, soft block
- No insole to enable the full articulation of the demi pointe
- Straight cut side
- Cotton drawstring
- Worn by many students for advanced exams
- Recommended by many teachers to prepare the feet for pointe work
- Made in UK

Available from a ​​​​​​size ​UK 1 to 8 1/2  including half sizes.
Medium (no X stamp), X, XX and XXX.
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Brand: Freed
Product Code: SSBD