Grishko Nova 2007 Pointe Shoe Medium Shank All Width Fittings

Product Code: Nova2007M
Brand: Grishko
More Information
This model has a U-shaped medium vamp and a drawstring. The sole is machine-stitched. The shoe is based on the last «Grishko-2007».
New facets of perfection. It suits most foot shapes and is recommended for both beginners and advanced dancers.
The distinguishing features are:
- Innovative shape stability due to a double upper.
- Innovative flexibility due to a special construction at toe area.
- Innovative support due to longer flexible side wings.
- Innovative quietness and durability due to a special material at toe area.
- Innovative balance due to a wider platform.
We stock the Grishko Nova 2007 Pointe shoe in store in a XXX, XXXX and XXXXX.  If you require an X or XX fit this would need to be specially ordered into stock for your requirements.
Purchase this shoe from our online store and receive a special 10% discount off of the recommended retail prices.
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