What To Expect During Your Pointe Shoe Fitting  

When booking a pointe shoe fitting appointment we set aside an hour exclusively for you to ensure you have a fantastic fit of shoe.  Appointments are guaranteed to be with either Sarah or Kim who both have over 15 years dance and pointe shoe fitting experience.
You will be asked questions about your dancing history, your teachers preferences and any problems or injuries you have, or have had in the past.

Please may we ask that you attend your fitting wearing convertible or footless tights, or socks that can be removed as it is important for us to look at your feet.  During your pre fitting assessment we may need to touch your feet to test strength and metatarsal compression, please let us know if you do not feel comfortable having your feet touched. Normal socks will be too thick and will prevent us from achieving the fantastic fit that you deserve. We would also recommend that your toenails are trimmed short as long toenails make pointe work more uncomfortable than it needs to be.

Along with trying shoes, we will offer to show you various types of toe pads and select the ones that are most appropriate for you if you feel they are needed. Please find out if your teacher allows padding before attending your fitting. Your fitter will look at the shape and size of your feet and select a range of shoes for you to try on. You will be asked to stand in various positions, and you will go through this process many times with lots of different shoes until we have decided on the correct fit. Comfortable clothing (ideally dance wear) is advised. We encourage feedback from you during the fitting to ensure that you are happy with the choices recommended by your fitter.

Once the fitting is complete, we will show you how to prepare your pointe shoes for wear and you will have the opportunity to ask us any questions. 

To book your fitting please email sales@adancersworld.co.uk
Fittings are available by appointment only.